Creating Goals for Your Relationship

Every relationship has an ultimate goal. Some are aiming for a long-term relationship that can overcome any situation while others aim for a “happily ever after”.

Each relationship is unique and has its own reason for its existence. Regardless of what it is, only the parties involve can determine what their goals are.

If you’re quite uncertain how to create goals for your relationship, I can provide you some advice on how to set the direction.

Even if you intend to take things light and easy for now, it’s important to have both short-term and long-term goals.

This will make it easier for you to understand how much you can give and how far your expectations should go.

Creating goals for your relationship is a good way to set your expectations and to determine how much of yourself you’re willing to invest in the relationship.

Short-Term Relationship Goals

Short-term goals do not impose pressure on the relationship. They are realistic and attainable for most couples. Here are some examples;

Date Nights

You can determine a specific schedule for your date nights. This depends on you and your partner’s availability.

Factors such as work and lifestyle can get in the way. However, if you can create compromises and agree on your most convenient schedule, everything becomes manageable.

This goal can, therefore, become realistic and attainable. So come up with creative date ideas in advance and plan an exciting time together.

Travel and New Adventures

To strengthen your bond, you might want to set a goal to try something that you haven’t done together before.

You can plan activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, off-road adventures and riding the zip line.

You might also want to travel together to a place you both haven’t been to. Making such plans can be a part of your short-term goals as a couple.

Redefine Your Sex Life

To spice things up, you can consider redefining your sex life. This could be trying out something new in bed or getting into a new sexual adventure like having sex outside of your comfort zone.

If your goal is to keep the fire burning in your relationship, you can also try sending each other erotic messages throughout the day or having phone sex in anticipation of a wild night together.

Flaunt It on Social Media

In this age of social media where everyone posts what relationship goals look like, it is natural to get into the trend by attempting to look good together for your posts.

You might want to have your photos taken wearing matching shirts in a pretty place just to be able to use that famous hashtag and flaunt it on social media. While this might sound like a shallow idea, it is one way of announcing your relationship to the world.

Long Term-Goals

Long-term goals require serious commitment and thorough planning. They define a couple’s future together and are associated with the most important milestones in life.

Some couples avoid talking about these matters until later on in their relationship or when they are more certain about each other. Here are some examples;

Long-term relationship goals are associated with the most important milestones in your life such as getting married, having a family and growing old together.

Getting Married

Marriage is the ultimate goal of any romantic relationship. It is in line with our decision to spend the rest of our life with that one person we consider as our true love.

Having a Family

Visualizing a family together is a long-term goal for couples. Sometimes, we get to this point once we’re already married and settled down since it requires maturity and careful planning.

Investing on Future

Insurance, pension plans, time deposits and trust funds – these are some of the most common financial investments that couples have to plan over a long-term basis.

These account for each other’s security when we get old and guarantees long-term financial stability to sustain the marriage and partnership.