The Importance of Sex in a Relationship

When we talk about sex, the word itself can evoke a landscape of emotions such as excitement, love and longing.

For others, it can trigger anxiety, awkwardness and even disappointment. The reactions can vary as much as the sexual experiences.

Not all couples get to experience a fully-satisfying sex life. Whatever the problem is, there are some things you can do to make your sex life more exciting.

Remember, your sexual health is aligned with your over-all wellness.

Therefore, communicating with your partner, modifying your lifestyle and availing some useful self-help materials available in the market can help you get the fun and excitement back in your sex life.

Sex doesn’t always equate to love. Couples can express affection for each other through other forms of intimacy like hugging, kissing and doing things that they enjoy.

Redefining Sex in Relationships

When we talk about sex, we tend to have narrow perspectives about it. Let’s try to expand the definition of sex beyond the actual penetration which usually takes over our minds when we think about two people having sexual intercourse.

Basically, sex is not just one behavior and it is not just about “finishing”. When we think about orgasm, we usually imagine the male one with emphasis on him reaching the finish line. We fail to think about the playful exploration that happens before it.

Couples should start thinking about sex as less of an act and more of an expression. Sex is supposed to be about bonding, discovering your partner, experiencing pleasure and intimacy.

It’s an expression that both partners can use to establish a meaningful connection.

For couples, sex must be seen as a readily available resource to build intimacy and foundation that other forms of relationship don’t have. It does not pertain to the actual penetration alone but on the other acts that precedes it.

Ways to Achieve a Healthy Sex Life

A lot of couples find it hard to talk about sex even under favorable circumstances. Sometimes, it feels awkward to discuss things that you want to be done to your body and the sensation that you want to experience.

However, an open communication is always the cornerstone of every relationship.

Therefore, talking to your partner is the best thing you can do to achieve a happier and healthier sex life. This also contributes to a stronger emotional bond and well-balanced priorities.

Here are some of the things I can suggest;

Be Vocal about Your Wants

If you feel awkward about discussing with your partner what you particularly want in bed, say it while in the act of lovemaking.

Such sexual conversations can heighten up your level of arousal and can likewise be stimulating to your partner. Telling your partner what you want while having sex is the best way to communicate what can satisfy you better.

Feel Sexy and Let Go of Your Insecurities

There will always be changes in your body. For women, there are some days when your feel fat and bloated. And some days when you feel that your body isn’t as receptive of your man’s touches.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back, let it go. Allow your man to explore your body and just submit yourself to him.

Letting go of your insecurities can help you achieve a more satisfying sex life and stronger intimate feelings towards your partner.

Sexual Performance Doesn’t Equate to Love

No matter how good or bad your sex life is, it all boils down to how you feel whenever your man hugs, touches and kisses you. Gentle acts of love, caring and tenderness are enough to develop a sense of intimacy.

Not all women are receptive to sexual penetration. In fact, some don’t experience real orgasm at all. Still, they are able to enjoy sex as it is and find pleasure in extensive foreplay and gentle caresses.

Try Different Positions

Identify sexual positions that stimulate you the most. Trying out different sexual positions adds an interesting twist to your lovemaking and can help in overcoming whatever insecurities you might have.

The most sensual and romantic is the missionary sexual position. And for increased stimulation to the female G-spot which increases the likelihood of having multiple female orgasms, the man has to enter his partner from behind.